What happens to CCTV during power failure?

There will be no recording during power failure and recording resume automatically when there is power.

What is the duration of recording for cctv?

  • It depend on the hard disk storage & image resolution.
  • For example. 4 cameras with 500G hard disk in a small office environment can support about 3 – 5 weeks

Can the camera operate in dark environment?

Yes and the images will be black and white

What is the camera’s angle of coverage and distance?

  • Standard camera has a range of up till 10 metres with 70-80 degrees angle coverage.
  • HD camera has range of up till 20 metres with 70 to 80 degrees angle coverage
  • Facial recognition of up till 5 metres for standard camera and 10 metres for HD camera

What are the different modes available to view the camera?

Users can view through mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets and through Windows or Apple desktops/laptops.

What is the average life span for camera?

Average life span ranges from 3 to 5 years under normal usage.

What are the differences between standard and HD cameras?

Standard camera is about 0.5 megapixel and HD camera is about 1.3megapixel.   (Another example : standard = DVD quality , HD = Blueray quality)

I am relocating; can i bring my cameras and recorder with me?

Yes, you can move your cameras and your existing system. Typically we charge about $150 to $200 per point when relocating the CCTV system.
However, customers are encouraged to remove the cameras and recorder themselves and we will take over the equipment to install at the new premises.

Are we allowed to install CCTV in our maid rooms?

No. Installing CCTV at home to monitor the maid would already constitute a violation of her privacy, but it is important to not go overboard when doing so. The maid’s bedroom as well as the toilet should be free from the CCTV surveillance. Instead, only install the CCTV in public places like the living room or kitchen and instruct your maid to always take care of the children in the public places.

Does maid need to know where we installed CCTV in our house?

Unless you already suspect the maid is abusing your children and want to catch her in the act, it is important to inform and educate the maid on why you are installing the CCTV at home. This way, your maid will understand your reasons for doing so and this will improve your relationship with her. She will also be aware that she is being watched at all times and thus, she will do her best to take care of your children.

Can I install CCTV outside my HDB?

Yes! Having one camera is legal as long as it does not invade the privacy of other units.